Our Customers

Locating the Unified Customer Records at Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We have located the Biodermas’customers records obtained from Biodermam and Biobonus portals at Microsoft Dynamics CRM which is supported and enriched with manual data entrances within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In order to obtain unified records necessary adjustments are done through the data transfer thereby accuracy was increased. With the employment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Bioderma now is able to manage and control its customer and product data through one table. Moreover through a well-defined sales reports Bioderma is able to send batch sms’s and emails to targeted segments without any effort. With the 360 degree target customer view, our cooperation continues with Bioderma.

Customers! Bought what and which prizes they won?

Campaign prize products information according to products customers bought from Biodermam and Biobonus portals were integrated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. All related information of these products were taken to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Database is being enriched by the info obtained from during gift delivery process.

What do my customers prefer?

Info collected during gift campaign and products bought by the customer are used for mapping and analysis of the customer segments and their skin categories. These reports are employed for sms and email campaigns targeting the right segments right customers. A smart, easily managed and a fast system was constructed for BIODERMA for better customer satisfaction with a pinpoint targeting.

Accounting System & Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Via Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated to BIODERMA accounting system, gift products order information are communicated to pharmacies and customers to finalize operational means of campaign.

  • Company: Bioderma

  • WebSite: www.bioderma.com

  • Sector: Personal Care Products

  • Total Number Of Project Members: 3


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