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We reinvent our business continuously with new partners who are experts in their field for the best customer experiences and solutions.

  • Microsoft One of the greatest heroes of technology history Microsoft, now changes the history of customer relations management business. Microsoft with its' international experiences of decades, offering solutions via Dynamics CRM product at sales, marketing and service management for different business sectors.
  • CODEC Codec, as one of the biggest mobile marketing companies in the sector, has been serving its wide array of brand portfolio since its foundation in 2006. Codec brings together its brands with their customers via products and services of its own devising. Our main goal is to be the sole mobile partner for our brands that combines the right products and solutions with integrated campaings, providing end–to-end solutions for their every need in the mobile world, and building long-term partnerships with our brands.
  • Pars Design "Pars Design" studio creates user-friendly websites and mobile application designed for leader brands and start-up companies. Meeting the expectations of brands and creating art and aesthetic through brand-new technologies, Pars Design is a valuable long-term partner.
  • Opsago Opsago is a group of operations experts, specialized in supply chain, sales operations, and product/ service innovation. Having a mix of management consultancy and industry experience both in developed and emerging economies, we can deliver your transformation agenda and create immediate impact on your financials.


We are in the middle of creative solutions with brand new technologies! Get connected to us! We have special solutions, brand new ideas ‘INN’THEBOX for your company and your projects.

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