Although Main Data Management is the first step at projects, maybe it is the most vital step at projects. Under this service we unify the existing and targeted data pool and sustain the incoming future data to be unique. Additionally we construct relational database in accordance with our customers processes thereby we are able to attain 360 degrees target in their systems. Think about the positive and constructive consequences of managing unified customer information at a well defined system. We are ready to serve with brand new technologies and innovative approaches for sustainable and tailored solutions for main data management.


  • Data Cleaning

  • Data Birleştime an Unification

  • System Entegrations(Real-time or scheduled)

  • Relational Designs and tailored forms for Customers

For Whom

  • Marketing Teams

  • Sales Teams

  • Customer Management Teams

  • Call-center and Support Teams


We are in the middle of creative solutions with brand new technologies! Get connected to us! We have special solutions, brand new ideas ‘INN’THEBOX for your company and your projects.

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