Customer services management changes according to infrastructure, culture and organization of our customers. Precision and speed of informing of customer requests and services to customer services people and in turn to measure the performances consistently, KPI's, customer experience and satisfaction; You are welcome to an INNTHEBOX customer services project. 'Inn' Customer Services Management supports you with custom unified solutions, mobile and web portals etc. besides Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Before, during and after innovative workshops with our experts with their innovative and practical approaches enhancing your customers experiences and your businesses and processes.


  • Call Center Management

    • Outsourced or inside call centers can be managed through our well-defined infrastructure. Inbound and Outbound call management relatedly performance reports, audit mechanisms, task assignments and reminders, visual and detailed reporting through Microsoft Dynamics CRM   and additional INNTHEBOX custom applications for a complete solution are ready for our customers.
  • Tele-Sales and Field Sales Teams 

    • INNTHEBOX offers a wide-range solutions besides call-center solutions; tele-sales and field-sales teams and activity managements, performance monitoring, location based GPS monitoring and detailed reports. Projects could be supported with apps and web portals particular to a team.
  • Request, Recommendation and Complaint Management System

    • Suggestion and complaint data coming from company's' websites, social media or from other sites can be tracked from CRM and you can manage them on channel basis.  Managed data is used in tasks assignments, for customer feedback, data update, customer satisfaction grading and planning  and classifying the related operational activities.
  • Technical Support Teams Management 

    • Product problems like defects, malfunctioning etc., automatic related task assignments, information flow across the related people, reporting of solutions and stages on real-time monitoring, planning stages of problem solution are configured in CRM. Detailed reporting and necessary lean solutions are supported with web portals and mobile applications in this solution. 
  • Survey Management

    • It is much easier now to reach the customers with dynamically constructed questionnaires through Microsoft Dynamics CRM and integrated into your database and evaluate the results. For survey management we collaborate with our partner Euromessage for best solution. 
  • Customer Satisfaction Grading (NPS -Net Promoted Score)    

    • Let our experts collaborate with you for detailed and practical reports to reach the best results of customer satisfaction grading. Let the future to be "ex ante".       

For Whom  

  • Marketing Teams
  • Customer Services/Relations Teams
  • Agent Employees


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