Loyalty Management systems are mostly designed for end customers. Loyalty issue with XRM Approach is started to be adopted for employees and agents as well as customers. The main target at Loyalty Management is to increase loyalty for all actors.


  • Campaign Management- Admin Panel

  • Loyalty Portal-Website-Customer, Agent, Employee Entrance by User Name/Password

  • Card Management- Card formation, Card Press & Posting & Relating to Customer

  • Calculation of Points- Gains from the Campaigns

  • Spending the points gained- Gift Check Printing & Web shop Point Expenditures

For Whom

  • Marketing Teams

  • Sales Teams


Only the right XRM tool can support you to reach right target group and for effective marketing. If you can monitor your customers' activities within your XRM, it'll take a mouse click to reach them.


  • Formation of Target Group

  • Formation of Campaign Activitya

  • HTM Visual Load and Preview

  • Monitoring of Messaging Results

For Whom

  • Agency

  • External Communication-Marketing Teams

  • Internal Communication-HR & Corporate Communication


Concept of segmentation includes multi-dimensions. In order to segment customers and market properly, we get to know our customers and market, we should centralize the data incoming from the every points that our brand touches. After the centralization stage our approach to the customer and market shapes our segmentation. Rather than a linear, one dimensional classical segmentation INNTHEBOX advices multidimensional and dynamic conception of segmentation.


  • Segment Definitions

  • Segmentation Rules

  • Historical Segment Logs

For Whom

  • Marketing Teams

  • Sales Teams


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