Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We are presenting XRM approach to our customers within the frame of our partnership with Microsoft through Microsoft Dynamics CRM product. Our primary goal in XRM projects is to manage the relations of each interactive point with employing right location of these point in order to reach effectively designed processes. Enrichment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with interfaces and with special UX designs helps us to overcome user resistance problems and decreases the length of adaptation period.

CRM concept is now express itself as XRM in the new context of business. There are two new expressions:

1) Extended Relationship Management: Needs of customer services and management extends to the concept of CRM into a deeper processes of the company.

2) Anything Relationship Management: Development of new processes in the platform of CRM.

Positive customer experience and satisfaction necessitates a unique platform where all the elements and actors interact in unique habitat with 360 degree perception.

Pricing and licensing of the newest versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM; CRM 2016 ON-PREM and CRM Online:


Client Access Licenses (CALs)


$984 /user
$787 / device

Full sales, services, marketting and custom applications RECOMMENDED


$342 /user
$236 / device

Basic CRM, reporting and custom applications (xRM)


$79 /user or device

Light - weight acceas to custom applşcations (xRM)

Server License

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2016

$3938 / instance


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