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Sevan Bıçakçı, basically is a SFA Project solution. However within this project tailoring of the production process to CRM mentality created a grift and sophisticated system.

Corporate Customer Memory and Sales Automation

Before CRM:

Sevan Bıçakçı sales process were not being followed up with a system. Leads and contacts were being kept at hardcopy environment therefore there wasn’t any unique customer database. What they have was mere sales records and none of them was related to customers and having the right product for the right customer at the right time was a though challenge for the sales team.

Production processes were being carried out manually. The stage showing time line and process line of the production for each product, gray and finished product stocks were not being able to followed up nor monitored healthful.

Meeting of right product to right customer at the right time through Corporate Memory;

First of all unique lead and real customer data pools were created. For sustainability and continuity of the system, repetition control sets and system controls rules sets are deployed.

Spreading through all of the corporate body as a centralized customer database deployed where all customer database including all customer information were categorized and classified and matched to product features. A systematic customer recognition established for future segmentation studies and loyalty programs.

System designed in order to be able to be reached from multiple sales points easily and with multiple user feature saved the company from a risk of sales experts’ circulation.

Customers account and payment follow up processes are started to be recorded through business rules.

The shop problem of monitoring and reporting is managed with one screen solution and stocks started to be reached real-time.

Visual real-time product reports prepared for sales experts and management. User base list graphic and list reports are generated with CRM dashboard..

Production Process, Product and Stock Management

Before CRM;

Production process is used to be monitored manually and the stages of each product, whether it is in workshop or in stock, was a question mark. Monitoring the stocks was a challenge and was based on manual periodic controls. For sure it was ineffective.

Real time Easily-Monitored Production and Stock Control;

It is designed from the beginning to the end as a complete solution within CRM. Solution created is done through a single screen where row materials, labor, finished and gray products are monitored and managed. Our solution automated the stock control and management in each phase of production. Adding real-time costing and pricing through processes after elucidated staging of ‘Innthebox’ consultants was an effective outcome of our ‘in motion’ design mentality.

As of our principle ‘making the things visual for all’ we add products photos for system users. Measuring the labor time was an instrument for right planning and right costing by the way it helped us to give the managers to monitor the performances.

  • Company: Sevan Bıçakcı - Sevan Bıçakcı is a brand for exlusive customised jewelry
  • WebSite: www.sevanbicakci.com
  • Sector: Jewelry
  • Total Number Of Project Members: 3


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