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TADIM Project is one of the best examples of our XRM Projects. Through the project “Procurement” Solution and “Meeting and Related Agenda” solutions are developed for the customer.

Procurement Orders and Management with a Single Screen

Before XRM:

In the organization of TADIM, like different type of organization as of their sizes, procurement process was being executed in MS Excel environment. For sure it was pretty hard work for the employees which was being accomplished through manual operations. Moreover it was taking lots of time of the employees. Taking it into account the manual approval processes, the situation was dreary.

Easier and Systematic Processes and Corporate Procurement Process Memory:;

With The ”XRM Solution” that we developed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform through which we created a unique data pool, our customer now is able to manage and monitor the procurements easily. After deploying the procurement approval steps we managed to construct a system that it made possible for our customer to report on departmental and categorical bases.

Through our procurement management solution all procurement proposals are being able to report as of procurement orders. Manageable corporate memory of procurement system gave us the necessary tools to create and measure KPI’s and measure supplier performances.

Meeting Agenda, Decision and Related Action Monitor and Management

Before XRM:

Most alike in most of the companies meeting notes was being kept as hardcopies through which the assigned tasks and decided actions weren’t able to delivered and monitored.

With an Escalated Task Management effective and easily-monitored proactive structure;

Employing Microsoft Dynamics CRM with outlook integration Meeting management and task and related action plan was developed as XRM solution.

Meetings regulated with rule sets according to their priority and types. Agendas were set up according to authorization based recording prior to meetings.

Agenda related decisions and related actions/tasks systemized and made reportable and easily-monitored on employee basis whereby the work load, measurable deadline, related people also became easier to follow up. Task management and reporting via system redefined itself as a KPI.

  • Company: Tadım - Leader of packaged dried food fruits sector in Turkey

  • WebSite: www.tadim.com.tr

  • Sector: FMCG

  • Total Number of Project Team Members: 3


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